you da man
November 9, 2010
November 8, 2014

you da man

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US 6 - 4.0 mm
Briggs & Little Tuffy
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November 4, 2010

why not improvise an xmas present? why not?? will post a tutorial if it all works out

notes (i have a piece of paper covered in scribbles that i’m afeard of losing):

used the magic top-down raglan calculator to figure out how to sort out the stitches. cast on 13 sts for shoulder, knit 50 rows in pattern slipping first & last stitch on purl rows, break yarn, move stitches to holder.

for back: cast on 25
row 1: work in pattern, slide 9 sts from long side of one shoulder piece onto needle
row 2: work all 32 sts in pattern, slide 9 sts from other shoulder onto needle
row 3: work all 40 sts in pattern, slide 8 more sts onto needle
row 4: work all 49 sts in pattern, slide 8 more sts onto needle
row 5: work all 58 sts in pattern, slide final 8 sts from shoulder onto needle
row 6: work all 66 sts in pattern, slide final 8 sts from shoulder onto needle. 75 sts total

for front: picking up sts from long side of shoulder as from back, proceed to work in pattern as for back except doing each side separately instead of knitting across. once 25 sts have been picked up for each side of the front, move shoulder sts from holders back to circular needles. so on the circ you have: 25 right front, 13 right shoulder, 75 across back, 13 left shoulder, 25 left front, wrong side facing. purl across all sts.

argh i was going like gangbusters on this but broke my needle! hate hate hate circs!

30 nov - finally got to the armpits yay!

24 feb 2014 - oh the shame. half a sleeve to go. but at least i am trying, yes?

26 feb - so close to done this now. finished off a skein & got more than halfway through another yesterday during a peep show marathon. i think i have one more decrease, and then the cuff. tempted to redo the neckband though, it looks bunchy. i might be able to block it out, but hubs has a big head, so probably better to re-do it right.

27 feb - rows away from finishing this! unless i re-do the neck! should i re-do the neck? aaaaugh

28 feb - hoping to have this done by the end of february - i.e. today!! finished the sleeve last night, then ripped out the neck and picked up the necessary extra stitches. one row done, 7 + bind-off to go. i will triumph!

28 feb update - DONE!!

update: when he finally tried it on, the sleeves were too long! augh. so i had to rip them out and re-knit them. ugh. anyway it’s done now, just in time for the cold weather.

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November 9, 2010
November 8, 2014
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