The Queen Susan
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March 30, 2010
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The Queen Susan

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The Queen Susan Shawl by The Ravelry Heirloom Knitting Forum
Future Heirloom for my daughter
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
8,528 yards = 3 skeins
The Gossamer Web Phoenix (52/2 60% merino 20% silk 20% cashmere)
19901 yards in stash
3 balls = 8528.9 yards (7798.8 meters), 300 grams
June 4, 2009

2015.12.09 - And I haven’t made much progress. I keep needing to tink back to fix dropped stitches. I REALLY need to pay better attention to what I am doing.

2015.09.07 - Last month, I ripped out all my work. I know how to read and use charts. But I chose not to pay attention to the chart. Now, following the chart correctly, I’m more than half way through the first repeat. And it’s actually easier to knit. So technically this post is … I’m back to square one.

2013.11.13 - Row 9 Rep 4/13 I took the current photo with my droid2 (3rd photo from bottom). 24% center done; 7.12% total

2013.11.11 - On the 2nd of this month, I pulled TQS out of time-out, ripped back to the last lifeline (it was located on row 11 of repeat 3/13) and re-knitted. I have started the fourth repeat of the center and am finding the process of knitting on TQS to be very soothing. As of this note: row 4 of repeat 4/13

2010.04.15 - I finished working on the crochet test pattern on Monday and have been working on my TQS again. I am up to row 26 of repeat 1/13 (each pattern repeat is 38 rows.)

After knitting off and on all day I have completed through row 32. I was seriously in the groove today and it feels really good! I even had to tink back about 250 stitches when I had too many yarn overs; simply dropping them made the remaining holes too big… can’t have that! AND!!! I even took the time to wind off a little over 100 grams to make it easier to carry this project with me. I am peachy pleased with how easy the center repeats are coming together. (LOL! Let’s see how positive I’ll be in six months!)

2010.04.04 - I’ve had to place my project on hold for now. I volunteered to help do a test pattern for a woman who is writing a crochet book. I shouldn’t be away from TQS for too long…

2010.03.31 - I re-blocked my first test swatch. I also did another swatch because I realized that I did the first one on a stockinette background along with the commensurate reversal of all the eyelets using their purl equivalents. The second swatch was done on a garter background and was MUCH faster and overall neater appearance.
I cast on TQS on the morning of 3/30/2010. At the time of this post, I have completed 10 rows (I went with the 25-repeat option which requires 305 sts cast on.)

2010.03.16 - I want to knit this shawl for two reasons: 1) It is flat out stunning; 2) Due to the phenomenal group effort, Shetland style lace knitting will live on!

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In progress
March 30, 2010
work in progress
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Silk, Cashmere goat, Merino
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