May 6, 2018
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Arrakis by Agata A. Piasecka
Neck / TorsoShawl / Wrap
Needles & yarn
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
18 stitches and 23 rows = 4 inches
in plain brioche
Miss Babs Hot Shot
196 yards in stash
0 skeins = 0.0 yards (0.0 meters), 0 grams
Miss Babs Hand Dyed Yarns & Fibers
December 25, 2017
Wollelfe Merino Twin Gradient
245 yards in stash
0 skeins = 0.0 yards (0.0 meters), 0 grams
March 26, 2018


After being gifted this pattern I knew I had to knit it, but other projects were in queue first. I think I made it 2 months before the siren call lured me in.

Originally purchased a super deep pink to burgundy gradient with expectation to pair it with a dark gray, almost black yarn.

Pulled out my “Dark Pegasus” from the Miss Babs gratitude sale and discovered that it was almost brown in some lights and not very grey. It did not work with the burgundy at all. But it did work with this lovely skein from Wollelfe, so it must still have been meant to be.

Caked the Miss Babs. That took 2.5 hours as both skeins were a tangled mess. With the second skein I ended up having to cut it several times and now have baby balls to manage. I had to hand unwind both skeins due to the terrible, twisted mess they were, and I am seriously frustrated with the expense of that yarn as a result. But it is the first time I’ve had trouble with Miss Babs yarn, so hopefully a fluke.

Cast on, and rolled though row 12 when I discovered that the change in written direction as to how to move the markers from how it was written in Silmarillion left me with incorrect placement and an off kilter pattern. Frogged and started again after refreshing my memory as to how to move the corner markers when instructed. Much better! Made it through round 20 - and would have loved to do more, but the animals wanted to be fed.


Through the first section (or level). A few missteps but overall I think the challenge of making it through Silmarillion taught me all I needed to know to make it though this one.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up knitting all of Agata A. Piasecka’s designs!


Finished the first section and started on level 1. Will begin to weigh yarn remaining as I get to levels 3 and 4. Already the rounds are long and take more time to finish - so it’ll just be slow and steady from here on.


It’s been over a year. Time to reclaim the yarn and make a fresh start. I really like the pattern, the design, and the yarn, it just wasn’t the right timing for this particular project.

Yarn has been rewound and is ready to move to a new life in a new project.

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May 6, 2018
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