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Kasha Commission
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September 2013
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Kasha Commission
Kasha by Susan Crawford
Fit to Order
Needles & yarn
Juno Fibre Arts Alice Sock
4 skeins = 1748.0 yards (1598.4 meters), 400 grams
Juno Fibre Arts webshop

This Kasha version was a commission by a client who wanted to wear it as part of her wedding outfit. At her request, I made a few modifications:

  • As her wedding dress (not a traditional dress, but a beautiful Erdem dress, which she can wear more often) had a lace collar, she didn’t want the collar as prescribed in the original pattern. So I left it out, and made a nice edge by knitting a few rows in reverse stocking stitch, letting it curl up naturally
  • My client also wanted 3/4 length sleeves, so I took the necessary measurements (with bent elbow!) and added this to the bottom of the sleeve
  • Lastly, she didn’t want big sleeve pads, so I made small rolls, and sewed in some teeny-tiny press studs, so she could take them out for a more casual look. I got this from Nodice’s project notes

My own modifications:

  • Contrary to my previous note, I did not use what June Hemmons-Hyatt calls the Alternate Cast-On for 1x1 ribbing in her Principles of Knitting. Instead, I used a regular tubular cast-on, as I was worried that the yarn would not have enough elasticity for the Alternate Cast-On. But the way I do the tubular cast-on it starts with the Alternate Cast-On anyway. I followed it with two rows of knit the knits, slip the purls.
  • I decided to knit the body in one piece, to save me a lot of seaming up. In this particular cardigan I feel the side seams will not give any additional structure as it goes zigzag anyway, so that would not prevent any possible sagging
  • the M5 increase: I used the K, YO, K, YO, K increase
  • the 5 to 1 decrease: I used the method described in my blog post on another Kasha I’ve knitted

I was very lucky to have found original 1920s mother-of-pearl buttons, which obviously goes well with a colourway called Oyster!

The Alice sockweight yarn by Juno Fibre Arts is a beautiful yarn, and it knits up without any trouble.

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September 2013
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by Juno Fibre Arts
70% Alpaca, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere goat
437 yards / 100 grams

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