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November 2012
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Prince of Wales Sanquhar Gloves by Scottish Women's Rural Institute (SWRI)
custom fit
Needles & yarn
US 00 - 1.75 mm
Estonian yarn gifted by a friend

My second pair of Sanquhar gloves for myself. I got the gauge spot-on in the swatch, although I seem to have relaxed a bit by the time I got to the second glove. It is ever so slightly larger.

I used a Old German or Old Norwegian cast-on and purled the first round.

For casting on inbetween the fingers I tried a crochet provisional cast-on, but I decided I don’t like that for stranded gloves as it leaves too large a hole at the base of the fingers. So I have gone for a loose long-tail cast-on, as this gives me handy little loops to pick up from.

I started each finger at the anatomically correct place, which meant I had to improvise on how to continue the pattern. I decided to continue the check to the height of the start of fourchette between the middle and ring finger, as this is where it would traditionally fall if you were to start all fingers at the same level.

I adjusted the number of stitches to cast on between the fingers so that I would always have an odd number of stitches around each finger, as this ensures a continuous spot pattern.

Otherwise I stuck to the pattern as written.

As my other Sanquhar gloves are starting to wear a little thin (I wear them every day in winter, and also when cycling, I that holding the steering bar means that I put quite a bit of stress on the gloves), this was the perfect time to knit myself another pair. If I knit myself a pair every other year, I will have a full collection in about 18 years (I have collected 11 different patterns from various internet sources).

I’m planning to knit a pair of mittens that will fit over these gloves, for when it gets REALLY cold.

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November 2012
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