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Sanquhar Gloves
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May 2010
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Sanquhar Gloves
Midge and Fly Design Sanquhar Gloves by Scottish Women's Rural Institute (SWRI)
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
US 00 - 1.75 mm
322 yards = 2 skeins
Jamieson's of Shetland Shetland Spindrift
1.52 skeins = 174.8 yards (159.8 meters), 38 grams
Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green
Jamieson's of Shetland Shetland Spindrift
1.28 skeins = 147.2 yards (134.6 meters), 32 grams
Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green

Very addictive! Both pattern and yarn are a treat.

1) I looked at the FutureMuseum website and found the fleur-de-lys gloves, which is not a pattern you can buy from the SWRI, so I used the instructions from the midge & fly pattern to make a chart and then adapted that to make the fleur-de-lys spot pattern.

2) I knit the main part on 2.25mm needles (giving a gauge of 44 sts over 4in), but the cuff with initials/year and the pinkies are knitted on 1.75mm (giving a gauge of 46 sts per 4in). I started the pinkie a few rounds earlier too, for a better fit.

3) Also, I didn’t manage to get the right row gauge, so I had to do less rounds, which for this pattern doesn’t matter.

4) where I had to make increases I used backward loop instead of lifting the running thread as I found that lifting the running thread pulled to much on the sts it connected, and they became close to invisible.

5) Picture with the arrow points to the little blue strand crossing over from doing cable cast on for the fourchettes. For the second glove I used longtail and swapped colours over thumb and index finger to do cast on in alternate colours.

Other: I put the alphabet graph in a free Ravelry download.

I hope to make the other patterns too, and have a glorious collection of different Sanquhar gloves!

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May 2010
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by Jamieson's of Shetland
100% Shetland
115 yards / 25 grams

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