euro cardi
April 25, 2010
June 6, 2010

euro cardi

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#19 Short Sleeve Cardigan by Shiri Mor
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
414 yards in stash
4 skeins = 828.0 yards (757.1 meters), 400 grams
Ben Franklin in Washington

6 jun: washed it on friday, sewed buttons on it last night. woo hoo, all done!

3 jun: all done except for buttons! well. and it really needs a wash.

3 jun: just the sleeve ribbing left to knit, hopefully tonight. Ends, buttons. I haven’t picked buttons yet either.

31 may: sleeve two needs 4 plain stst rows & 6 ribbing rows and it’s done except for weaving in ends, adding buttons, washing it. not sure it really suits me but it is ok.

30 may: finished sleeve one. Onto picking up 88 st around the second armscye.

29 may: looked at it and am working 24 st at the center instead of 30… now working the short rows.

29 may: short row top-down sleeve cap -- 88 st total picked up, 44 on either side of center. I’ll work 30 st at the center (approx 1/3 st of total) and pick up the other stitches with short rows.

29 may: buttonband/collar is done. Next up, sleeves!

27 may: checked the shoulders out again and they look ok. Seamed the side seams up and tried it on -- it fits okay, good length, possibly not large enough in front but I haven’t added the buttonband/collar yet either so it’s hard to say. In retrospect, I probably should have knit the fronts the same size as the back (the fronts have you CO fewer stitches than the back because the back in stockinette makes it stretch less than the lacy front -- but mine is all-over lace). Anyway! Next up, the buttonbands. After that, I’ll knit the sleeves by picking up and knitting around the armscye and then working short rows and knitting down. Projected length of sleeve probably just an inch or two above my elbow.

26 may: seamed the shoulders last night but the contouring means they look a little wonky to me - you bind off the 10 st at the edge, then knit another two rows and bind off the next 10 st, then knit across and bind off the center back stitches so it sort of makes a weird shape. I am tempted to rip out the front and backs and put the stitches on holders and then do a 3NB, without shoulder contouring, but I’m not convinced it’ll look ok. I could also switch to short rows… well, maybe. Also the body seems short (funny since some people said it seemed long - ha!) but I think that will be ok since I like a lot of sweaters to hit at high hip.

25 may: fronts are done. Next I’m going to seam the shoulders and sides, then work the buttonband/collar. Lastly I’ll do the sleeves. I think it’s a little big but hopefully not too big.

24 may: edapita pointed out that the pattern fronts are allover lace and the back is stst, so maybe that’s why the pattern only has increases just below the armscye for the back in the pattern. Since I worked allover lace on the back and fronts, I did rip back and add the 2 increases above the ribbed waist and below the armpit. I think the armscyes are HUGE, one of my common problems with patterns in general. I think maybe people designing patterns do the sizing up of patterns not accurately -- even though the bust went up by x%, that doesn’t mean the rate of growth for the armhole is the same.

24 may: sick day today, am working on this as long as my medicine allows. I just noticed that the pattern does not specify to work the increases on the outer edges of the fronts as it does for the back, but it really needs to! Fucking VK errors. Anyway, am going to (rip back and) work those as well. I’m at the point where I start doing the v-neck decreases.

19 may: one repeat of lace pattern done on fronts. I’m knitting both at the same time so their shaping and stuff all matches.

18 may: ribbing done on the fronts.

17 may: I co the fronts but… didn’t even knit the first row yet :)

16 may: finished the back after lots of ripping and reknitting. It’s still a little screwed up on the edges from messing up the lace pattern but it’ll be ok. Next up, starting the fronts.

13 may: I totally messed up the lace pattern reversal at the center, ripped out 6 rows. I’ll try again tonight.

11 may: joined the second ball of yarn, started the armscye. Each lace pattern repeat (6 rows) is an inch for me, which makes it easy to measure. I’m going to shorten the armscye a bit (and since I’m going to knit the sleeves top-down with short rows, this shouldn’t be a big deal) and will be reversing the lace pattern after the end of the current pattern repeat.

10 may: almost to the armscye, one more inch. also almost going to join a second ball of yarn.

7 may: finished the ribbing. onto the upper back. I’m working it in pattern, not stst (like ) so I’ll make an X too.

6 may: no knitting last night.

5 may: almost done with the waist ribbing. Looks good so far. I keep thinking of the color as being ecru but it is grey… just sort of an odd tone. Worried it won’t match well with the stuff I have to wear with it.

4 may: woo, thanks to Chuck and House I’m beyond where I was before I ripped it out now -- about an inch into the waist ribbing. I switched my center double decreases to “slip two stitches together as if to k2tog, k1, slip stitches over.”

3 may: ripped the entire thing out and restarted with a smaller size. I’m a mere 1 lace repeat in!

28 apr: finished the 4 lace repeats, started the waist ribbing. The bottom looks HUGE. I think it might still work for me if I am sure to keep the top more fitted… or I might have to rip it all out. The Vogue schematic is a little odd when I did the stitch count+gauge calculations… they didn’t match. I think pattern gauge must be in stst, and the lace gauge is adjusted (which is part of why the pattern has you do lots of increases and decreases between sections). I will probably rip it out and go back to making the XL instead of going up a couple of sizes (bah -- but less knitting).

27 apr: 2 repeats into the lace pattern below the waist ribbing. The pattern is interesting -- after the hem ribbing, you decrease (not increase) and work the lace pattern. Then you increase and work the waist ribbing. I am adjusting for the larger size I’m knitting. Let’s hope it’s not too big!

26 apr: I am working the back over 99 st. Still concerned it will be a little big by sizing up that much. We shall see! Back ribbing is done so far.

25 apr: cast on the back. Having some questions about whether to make the XL size or go up two sizes. Originally CO two sizes up (so, instead of CO 91, I CO 99) but it looked so huge I ripped it back to the XL size… now I am concerned, so I might go back to 99st. :)

queue: summery cardigan for me to take to Europe in June! need something that looks ok to layer over whatever other clothes I end up taking. I will work longer (perhaps elbow length) sleeves.

modifications planned:

  • elbow length sleeves
  • working the back in pattern, not stst (like )
  • ensuring that the ribbing portion hits at my natural waist
  • working short rows for the bust as necessary
  • potentially lengthening it a bit
  • working the sleeves top-down from the armscye

yarn amounts:
back: used 1.5 balls
fronts: <1 ball apiece

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April 25, 2010
June 6, 2010
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