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over 6 years ago

This is sooooo cute, and my daughter looks totally adorable in it… however the 18-24 mo size is more like a 12 mo size. Just a FYI!

over 6 years ago

Adorable! I would LOVE this design on an adult t!!

over 6 years ago

So adorable! I can’t wait for an adult version!!!

I got the 18-24mths and it was the same size as the North Face 12-18mths jacket which I just got for my little girl as well.

over 6 years ago

I’m jealous! I want a grown up version!

over 6 years ago

Was given one for my son’s 1st birthday - it fits great and it is absolutely adorable. Being in the south, we will get a TON of use out if it this fall/winter. The gift giver bought a size up and we have lots of room to grow. My kiddo is big for his size though and often a size larger than his age.

over 6 years ago

So cute, and my little guy looks great in it. He is a small 14 months, and most 18m clothes are pretty big on him, but this one (size 12-18m) is just right now, and will probably be outgrown soon. So yeah, order a size up if you are at all unsure. The sleeves can always be rolled up :)

over 5 years ago

I ordered one for my son who is eleven weeks old. It looks so cute on him. Size 3-6m fits him well but won’t fit for long I’m afraid. Shipping was quite quick considering it had to go all the way to Germany.

over 5 years ago

Please make adult sizes! I would buy one so fast!

over 4 years ago

This is so cute! When will you be coming out with adult sizes?

over 4 years ago

Cutest thing ever! Get kids sizes!!!!!!! I mean, if you want to…. lol