February 28th, 2014 — The 4 millionth person signed up and tried out Ravelry today! Since we've been having fun counting down to milestones and sharing stats, we thought that you'd enjoy this page of interesting facts about Rav.

Ravelry is constantly growing and we're always working to make it better. We hope that this place will continue to sweeten your yarn life for many years to come.

-- Jess, Cassidy, Mary Heather, Sarah, and Christina

4 out of every 100 Ravelers are cats

...er - 4 out of every 100 *avatars* are cats. There are about 12,000 cat-vatars on Ravelry. Most of them look like trouble.

1000 tons of finished projects

Combined, all of the finished projects on Ravelry contain almost 2 million pounds of yarn and weigh more than 5 blue whales.

5 billion kilometers of yarn

If you were to frog everyone's finished projects and combine that yarn with all of the unused stash, you'd have over 5 billion kilometers of yarn - enough to add 5 new (single strand) rings to Saturn.

If you were to use all of that yarn to make wetsuits for the blue whales, you'd... end up with quite a few. What kind of gauge do you get from 5 billion km of mismatched yarn?

cranking out some holiday gifts

worldwide northern hemisphere southern hemisphere

The calendar above groups together the completion dates for every finished project from 2007-2013. It looks like some of you were cutting it close with Christmas gifts ;)

Red blocks mark days when the most projects were completed.
Yellow blocks mark days when fewer projects were finished.

900 million words were posted to the forums in 2013


55 million words


452 million words


649 million words


804 million words


883 million words


923 million words


900 million words

1 tiny block in the chart above ( ) = the entire 7 book set of Harry Potter novels

As of February 2014, Ravelry groups & the main forums contain more than 100 million posts and 5 billion words. That's enough words to stack up to 4400 complete sets of the Harry Potter series.

color families used in garments

Well, I was hoping that one would be more interesting. Not a whole lot to see here! Greys seem to be picking up, eh?

2 pm eastern: the loveliest hour

2-3 PM Eastern time is the busiest time of day on Ravelry.

During these 60 minutes, you all click the "love" buttons on forum posts over 7,000 times. At each day's end, love buttons have been clicked about 125,000 times.

thursday, I don't care about you ♫

Monday is our busiest day and more new patterns are added on this day than on any other day of the week. It's not all about Monday, though. Other days of the week have their own specialties:

Sunday is the biggest photo and project updating day. Wednesday is the busiest time of the week for the forums. More patterns are purchased on Fridays. Saturday is the quietest time of the week for just about everything but it's usually the most popular day for pattern searches.


designers & yarnies pattern & yarn contributors pattern & yarn revisors project sharers

30,000 people have created a page for their own design or yarn
64,000 people have contributed a page for any pattern or yarn (their own or someone else's)
74,000 people have revised a pattern or yarn page
336,000 people have added a project (with a photo)


1 year 151,000 people
2 years 127,000
3 years 108,000
4 years 87,000
5 years 77,000
6 years 50,000

Your Ravelversary is the anniversary of the date that you joined Ravelry.

The Anniversaries for Ravelers who were active during 2013 are shown above.

150,000 of you have had your first anniversary and 50,000 of you old timers have celebrated your 6th. We're very happy that all of you are here with us and we hope that you'll celebrate many more :)

a day in ravelry

In a typical 24 hour period, we add...

65,000 forum posts 7,000 new projects 5,000 stashed yarns 15,000 queued projects 80,000 favorites 30,000 photos

ravelers per capita

Iceland is leading the way with an estimated 346 Ravelers per 10,000 Icelanders! Here are the top countries that members hail from:

  1. Iceland: 346 Ravelers per 10000
  2. Canada: 90 per 10000
  3. United States: 84 per 10000
  4. Norway: 83 per 10000
  5. Finland: 78 per 10000
  6. New Zealand: 66 per 10000
  7. United Kingdom: 49 per 10000
  8. Australia: 49 per 10000
  9. Denmark: 44 per 10000
  10. Sweden: 44 per 10000
  11. Ireland: 41 per 10000
  12. Estonia: 38 per 10000
  13. Netherlands: 24 per 10000
  14. Germany: 16 per 10000

Figures are based on self-reported data. If we instead use IP address information, Iceland bumps up to 450+ and New Zealand ties the US and Norway with 84 Ravelers per capita.

how do you use Ravelry?

We've met so many people that use Ravelry in different ways. That's great and it's exactly what we want to hear. Use it as a tool, a memory book, a way to socialize, whatever. Use Ravelry however you like!

2013 superlatives

Thanks for reading! Let's close this out with a few highlights from the last year:

most knit

most crocheted

most popular new yarn

most queued (knitting)

  • Dreambird

most queued (crochet)

  • Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

most favorited project

most active new group

  • 2014 Crochet Block-A-Month CAL

most helpful project

most educational(1) images

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