Brookside Collection

As a mom of two boys, finding patterns that are unique and interesting for boys/men has been a bit of a challenge. There simply aren’t that many options out there. When I learned the spiked boxes crochet stitch, I worked it in rows and noticed how it made a sort of herringbone pattern with the stitches that I was absolutely in love with! After making things for the men and boys in my life, I wanted some too, making this perfect for the whole family!

You haven’t heard of the spiked boxes stitch? I hadn’t either! I broke the stitch pattern down to its individual stitches: the half-double crochet decrease and the spiked double crochet -- with full photo and video tutorials for those individual stitches. I also made a full video detailing how to work the gauge swatch, which shows exactly how those stitches go together to make the spiked boxes stitch pattern. In addition to those, I’ve also included full tutorials for the front and back post double crochet (beanie only). All of it in one place, with links taking you to those outside videos.

These patterns are all classified as advanced beginner and the PDFs have EVERYTHING you might need to make these patterns, including tutorials and linked videos tutorials for the special stitches mentioned above, supplemental pattern pictures, stitch charts, and row trackers (not available for the coaster pattern)!

Not a beginner? The PDFs also have a consolidated, printer-friendly version of the pattern for you more experienced crocheters.