Let's knit Muhu - KAL

This is the bundle with all the wonderful projects which were created at the Let’s Knit Muhu-KAL 2017.

When I (Wockensolle) travelled to the island Muhu the first time in 2015, I came by the bakery “Muhu Pagarid” in Liiva and noticed the local bread. It is not only very tasty, it is also wrapped in cardboard with a beautiful design.

The idea was to take patterns from this wrap as this bread cover shows traditional knitting Muhu patterns, which you can admire in the Muhu Museum, in the National Museum of Estonia in Tartu or in one of the beautiful pattern books.

LizzyMaille knitted her projects some time before the KAL, so her items are out of competition, but they gave a lot of inspiration.

Wockensolle’s projects were “out of competition” as well as she organized the KAL. But by this, she now posesses 2 more tams, 2 cats, one pig and some hotwaterbottle-cozies… all in real Muhu-Style!

The scanned files and the charts can be downloaded via this link: