Aimarro Patterns

Aimarro Patterns

My name is Marija and I’m a self-taught crocheter and knitter. I begin knitting when I was 9 and crocheting when I was 16. I worked for a few organizations (designing), fashion designers and I have even made something for a TV commercial (which I’m mostly proud of, hehe).

The laughter is my motivator for anything. That’s why I love good word plays and smart comedies. Don’t get me wrong, I love smartly done silly ones too.

Years ago I used to sell crochet patterns on my website under the name “Bubamara Design”.

As you can see from my shop, I am all over the place as far as style. I learned that my designing depends on my mood. You can see classic designs and “out there” ones. To tell you the truth, I have to curb my silliness from time to time or you would see “way out there” designs also :) That should be for the eyes of the ones that know me personally, hehe.

I hope you’ll enjoy my designs and feel free to contact me anytime :)

Love and hugs,