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A collection if patterns using the new and innovative Infinity Crochet technique! Each pattern is designed to be individual and you can get started with any purchase.

Introducing Infinity Crochet

The cable design in this pattern is worked in a new and innovative crochet method developed by Briana Kepner, which creates clean and beautiful stitching called Infinity Crochet.

Want to see what this method looks like?

All the post stitches are ‘floated’ on a consistent background stitch that never gets skipped. This allows the cable design to be raised further from the background than traditional raised or overlay stitches, and maintains an undisturbed gauge in the main fabric.

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What’s more fun than a light poncho that also has a buddy?! The four newly released poncho & buddy patterns are on a bundle sale with the code PONCHO

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A fun collection of practical and sometimes humorous bags! The project bags features unique holes for yarn to reduce tangles and keep projects organized. Perfect for on the go! Keep your yarn next to you hands free.

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The Briana K Designs Newborn Bonnet Packs!
Each pack contains three bonnet stitch options and each bonnet includes instructions for finishing flat in stitch design, flat without stitch design, in the round with stitch design, in round without stitch design. 4 finishing options!!!

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What better way to collect eggs than with an adorable Easter Basket!!! These baskets can also be made simple with or without a handle for a great storage bin.