"Floating Cables" #001-01 by Devorgilla's Knitting (sometimes...)

"Floating Cables" #001-01

June 2021
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About Floating Cables patterns
Floating Cables are quite new system I designed on the base of the cables. Its main feature is to knit the shape but without any usual twists (under/over).

I order my patterns form the very smple to very complicated, from the most easy to most difficult, to help the beginner starting with them. Hope you will like these designs and be willing to use them in your projects.

About the files
Files are organized in the sets of the patterns. It means that you can choose the uniqe patterns or you can choose the specific set, based on this unique pattern. On the blog I will show the sample usage in the projects, first of all “panelled” projects, where we make the design, built from the various patterns (bigger or smaller) matching one to another. But these patterns are also good for the simple vertical ornaments, placed at the specific background (purl, moss or whatever).

In the file you will find some abbreviations, the key, with the links to the blog, where I publish step-by-step instructions how to make the specific stitch, picture of the final result and the chart or the pictures&charts for all the motifs belonging to the set. Sometimes the set is 6 patterns, sometimes 10 patterns or even 36 patterns.

You can visit my blog Floating Cables to see the next designs I am planning to release as the patterns here.

Dimensions of this motif (one repeat):
rows 12
stitches 20

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