Holly 'n' Lace / Holly-day #A-798 by Coats & Clark

Holly 'n' Lace / Holly-day #A-798

This pattern is available for free.

Published as “Holly-day No. A-798” in Coats & Clark’s Book No. 197, Priscilla® Doilies, 1969. Was also available as a free leaflet, c. 1960.

Gauge: Rounds 1-5 = 2 inches

Doily may be made with a white main section or red/white/green.
CA 1 400 yd ball of White OR 1 300yd ball Red/white/green
CB 1 350 yd ball Green
CC 1 350 yd ball Red.

Pattern number 0146-2C, 3 stars (Intermediate)