Ravelry Stylish Update(check project page for updates)
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June 16, 2020
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Ravelry Stylish Update(check project page for updates)

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Download Instructions

In order to use this style, you will need to use a Style Theme plugin. At the moment what I’m aware of being currently supported is

The Userstyle website is a bit slow so please have patience with their website.

Userstyle can be found/installed from here - https://userstyles.org/styles/185312/ravelry-return-to-su.... You can use this page to install the theme to Stylish, Stylus, and Cascadea!!!!

SAFARI for MAC - I recently found out that you can copy the code from Stylish and insert it into a Mac app called Cascadea which will allow you to use the theme for Safari! This app is, unfortunately, a paid app of $2.99 but I know for some folks this is a small price to pay for a stress-free experience. Once you have installed the app you can go to the userstyle link above and it will provide an Install to Cascadea button! Magic!!! Screenshots and steps for how to set this up are available in the project photos thanks to Aphaia heart

Android MOBILE - YES we have a fix for Mobile! Check below for the section on Android Mobile!!!!

STYLUS - A lot of folks have requested support for Stylus. I just found out that if you go to the userstyle url you can also install to Stylus from there.

A lot of us are missing the adorable yarn ball. I have decided to create a separate theme that replaces the logo with the original. Details on this project page.


Problems - I have noted that sometimes certain elements on a page aren’t being restyled. I find that doing a simple hard refresh (ctrl f5) clears the issue up.

Have a Suggestion? Please feel free to leave this project a comment! Before sure to check the handy dandy helpful screenshots. heart


Hiya everyone!
I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself here since a lot of you may not be familiar with me. My name is Evanita. I’ve been knitting and spinning for nearly 14 years. I help Suzy Brown with her amazing fiber arts community FiberyGoodness where I provide technical support, teach classes, and maintain the website. I also am the Photo Editor for tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine a digital(soon to be also in print)publication by Fiberygoodness. Here on Ravelry I spend the majority of my time in the Akerworks and Jenkins group.

I’ve been awe over how many wonderful people have offered me patterns, yarn, and fiber. It brings me so much joy just knowing that I’ve made a difference.

If you would like to help support me there are a few different ways you can do this.

  • I’ve set up a wishlist of patterns to help with those who wanted to gift me patterns.

  • You can check out FiberyGoodness a fiber arts community I work for. We strive to inspire and share people around the world who inspire us within our magazine in hopes of inspiring others to keep pushing forward in finding inspirations to continue their creativity.

  • You can also donate a Ko-fi via my personal Ko-fi page here. I originally linked to the Fiberygoodness one but that was causing some confusion. My Ko-fi Page

I’ve got more fixes to follow so stay tuned and thank you all again for the love and support. I’m so happy to be able to help you all make sure you can explore and participate in this wonderful community comfortably.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave this project a comment!

  • EWM heart

Version Notes - Updated as of 12pm PST June 28th, 2020

V2.3 - 10:10 am PST July 1st, 2020
It was brought to my attention by cheekyimp that the footer bar in the forum had changed resulting in incompatibility with my theme. I have updated the font color and changed out the cyan 3 dot icon for a gray equivalent.

V2.2 - 12:pm PST June 28th, 2020
In light of the Ravelry Statistics being unable to determine whether a person is using New Ravelry with or without a theme, I’ve decided to include the Classic Logo into this theme so there will no longer be a secondary theme. The Logo files are stored on the Ravelry servers on my Project Page as such any time you go to a Ravelry page with this theme that file will gain a view. I hope that this may prove to be helpful for the Ravelry team to grasp how many people are using this theme.

As always if you spot any issues with this theme or notice anything that could use some fixing up please let me know

V2.1 - 1 pm PST June 26th, 2020

  • fixed a few locations where white was still showing rather than #fbfbfb gray
  • sorted out the animation element to the navigational tabs so they are now static.

V2.0 - 12 pm PST June 25th, 2020
The official Ravelry team has made the front page animation static unless you push the play button. In light of this change I’ve removed my code that removes the clouds which I was unable to figure out how to stop their animation. They have also mentioned that they will give the community a 6 month warning before they retire the Classic Ravelry rollback option. I will continue to make updates and adjustments as needed during this period and beyond as needed. Please feel free to reach out to me via the Project Page or via Ravelry PM.

V1.9 - 1:30 pm PST June 23rd, 2020
A small but very important update

  • I found out I could control the animations on the login page. I have gone ahead and disabled all animations on the login page. I also cleaned up the login box.
  • Some official fixes were done with the forum and I’ve removed my fixes since those are no longer needed
  • more white space fixes V1.8 - 2:50 PM PST June 22nd, 2020 A relatively small update
  • Fixed a Magenta button of my own creation(sorry!!!!! I used that bright color to help me spot them better on the site to determine affected locations) Thanks m4ndy for alerting me about this.
  • Fixed some margin issues to reduce excessive white space
  • Replaced a few more cyan instances with green

If you spot any issues, have questions, concerns, or think something needs some attention please let me know!

V1.7 - 11:15 am PST June 21st, 2020
This update mainly pertains to the removal of extra white space.

  • Reduced white space on the forum, designer portfolios, and notebook pages
  • removed cyan hovers for calendars and search

As always if you find any issues or things that need more attention please either leave a comment on the project page or send me a PM.

V1.6 - 1:50 pm PST June 19th, 2020
Sorry for the very small update. I was having a hard time tracking down how to remove the cyan from selectable fields. I finally got it and wanted to push this very minor fix through.

V1.5 - 12:30 pm PST June 19th, 2020
This is another major update. Several fixes in place to remove harsh lines and cyan background coloring. The Ravelry Team has provided a rollback feature under your profile icon in the header. This will allow anyone to see the prior version of Ravelry while the Ravelry team are working on making fixes to the new version. I will continue to provide updates for this theme though as I want everyone to be able to enjoy and get the hang of the new UI which is actually quite fantastic.

  • adjusted line-height back to original 1.4 em in a few locations
  • replaced black outline for certain tables and boxes across the site with a gray outline
  • replaced a ton of instances of light cyan with either light or medium Ravelry green(if you spot any bad visibility with these OR if you spot remaining cyan instances please let me know)

The following fixes were made by Momijizukamori. Thank you so much for your help in fixing the following! Your tweaks look awesome!

  • fixes the ‘my notebook’ menu
  • makes the boxes on the search page nice and rounded
  • puts the search page buttons inline
  • fixes hover colors on the menu
  • changes fonts to be less tiny
  • makes links not blue

V1.4 - June 18th, 2020 10:50 AM PST
Major update! This is probably the most coding I’ve done to update the theme of the site yet. There were several very tricky to narrow down coding so it took me a bit longer than I had hoped to resolve some of these things.

Thanks so much to everyone who provided great feedback and suggestions!

  • removed and replaced several black lines in various locations
  • fixed up navigation in the header and several subheaders to reflect the older style and substituted harsh underlines with more subtle colors
  • removed light cyan in several locations and substituted with light green
  • changed color on several multiple advanced search buttons
  • removed more box shadows!
  • restored font to its former glory
  • substituted yellow hover in the main forum area for the light green
  • fixed some hover issues

As always if there’s something you’d like to see changed please leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do. Make sure to update your style in whatever extension you are using to ensure you have the latest version! Also in good news, the Ravelry team removed the Cyan Pop Art Reply buttons! YAY!!!!!

V1.3 - June 16th, 2020 (ok I lied this is the last update for today)

  • with the gray background update, it conflicted with the forum borders which I felt caused readability issues.
  • updated forum borders to stand out from the gray background

V1.2 - June 16th, 2020 (last update for today but I’ll continue to make changes so keep an eye out!)

  • updated forum hover to the former more subtle yellow
  • adjusted some areas with black orders to a more subtle gray
  • adjusted overall sight to very light gray instead of white
  • restored original site font style and size

If you have any suggestions for new updates please PM me on Ravelry via EWM.

V1.1 - June 16th, 2020

  • updated buttons with rounded corners and fixed hover coloring
  • fixed hovering color for pagination
  • updated forum outline to original format with dotted border and rounded corners
  • reskined the boxes that are on the project, stash, handspun pages etc
  • removed cyan colors in some locations with applicable greens

If you have any suggestions for updates please let me know! I can be reached via EWM on Ravelry.

V1 - June 16th, 2020

  • brought back the green header
  • replaced eye burning cyan buttons with green
  • removed the Pop Art aesthetic on buttons
  • adjusted some font sizes
  • changed out black outlines for gray ones

June 17, 2020

First off I want to say I mean no disrespect to Cassidy and the rest of the team with the creation of this Stylish userstyle. They did an incredible job with spicing up the User Interface. My only issue is how jarring the visuals are and I desired to be able to bring back some of the soothing calm elements of the prior version so I can enjoy this community to the fullest.

Due to the original thread being locked I will be posting ALL updates on this project page so stay tuned here for when I release updates so you can ensure your Stylish userstyle is up to date!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s shown support. It was a lot of work setting this up but I had fun while doing it. slightly_smiling_face

June 17, 2020 - Original Post

The following are the contents of my original posting #2326 here on the original thread about the update.

ETA: I do not work for Ravelry. I am just a simple member like everyone else who just so happens to be handy with HTML and CSS coding. I took it upon myself to spend pretty much my whole day cleaning up code. I’m glad I can use my skills to help others out. heart

I spent the past 2 hours(ended up developing this further over the course of the whole day) working on a replacement style on Stylish to help soften up some of the harsh contrast that was causing me a lot of eye strain. While I’ve done a lot of CSS in the past this is my first time using Stylish to adjust an already existing website.

Some of the things I adjusted

  • bringing back the green over the eye-burning cyan
  • removed the Pop Art stylization on buttons
  • adjusted some font sizes
  • changed out black outlines for gray ones

If there are any other changes people would like to see done I can look into it and see if it’s within my capabilities to adjust. Please feel free to shoot ideas via the comments section of this project page. slightly_smiling_face

In order to use this style, you will need the Stylish Plugin for either Firefox or Chrome. This should work for Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, I cannot fix mobile. Their website is currently experiencing a lot of time outs so please have patience with their website.

Userstyle can be found/installed from here - https://userstyles.org/styles/185312/ravelry-return-to-su....

I hope this brings some relief to those who are having difficulties with the visual aspects of the update. I feel these minimal style changes help soften things up so we can still enjoy the amazing functionality updates that Cassidy has worked so hard to implement. slightly_smiling_face

ETA: V1.3 is now available as of 7 pm PST June 16th, 2020. See the screenshot to the side on how to update your styles. If anyone has any questions please send a PM. Also, I’m sorry I don’t know how to fix it on mobile.

June 17, 2020 - SAFARI UPDATE

Aphaia brought to my attention that there is an app for Safari called Cascadea which can import the Stylish code to be able to use it within Safari. The app, unfortunately, isn’t free but $2.99 isn’t too bad to be able to save some eye strain. slightly_smiling_face


June 17, 2020 - Dark Mode Theme

GentlyUsedCoat made some changes based off my userstyle theme to offer a Dark Mode Theme. It’s not perfect but may offer some relief for some who really wanted a dark mode.


June 17, 2020 - Android MOBILE!!!!

I was just alerted of a way to fix Android Mobile! I don’t have a way to test this so I’m going to take Len4ik word on it. Thanks so much Lena!

In order to use Stylish on Android, you have to install Kiwi Browser. Then go to Chrome://extensions

Enable developer mode

Go to Chrome Webstore chrome.google.com/webstore in desktop mode

Add stylish to extensions and then head over to https://userstyles.org/styles/185312/ravelry-return-to-su... to add the theme to Stylish.

Since Ravelry doesn’t have an app she added a home screen shotcut and will continue using Chrome for everything else, and Kiwi for Ravelry only.

June 18, 2020 - Big Update and How to Increase Your Font Size

A big update happened this morning and I also wanted to put a note here that if you need to increase your font size you can create an additional personal style. In order to do this, you’ll need to use the Write new Style feature within your particular extension. This will adjust the majority of the fonts but not all of them.

All you’ll need to do is include the following information in your personal code with your specified font size and make sure you have it set to applies to URLS on the domain ravelry.com:

body, ol, ul, td, th, input, select, table {
font-size: 12px !important;

June 19, 2020 - Major and Minor Update

Two updates went out today V1.5 which was a major update and likely had the greatest amount of new coding out of anything I’ve uploaded so far and then V1.6 which was only a one-line fix for something that was super bugging me.

As always if you find any issues or have any suggestions please either leave a comment on this project or send me a PM. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and YAY tomorrow is my Birthday!

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