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Rose City Rollers
May 18 2019
May 28 2019
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Rose City Rollers
Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner
Needles & yarn
US 1Ā½ - 2.5 mm

Using yarn dyed by me a couple of years ago because it was the only usable yarn (ie not in a skein) that I could put my hands on!

Love these little socks.

By accident I had too few stitches on my heel flap heel on sock one - 30 rather than 32. But Iā€™m going to see how it goes.

Toe instructions for rounded toe:
Knit to 7.5ā€ from heel
R1 - decrease
R2, 3, 4 - knit
R5 - decrease
R6, 7 - knit
R8 - decrease
R9 - knit
R10 - decrease
Then continue to decrease every round until10 on each needle

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May 18 2019
May 28 2019
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