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May 17 2018
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Granito by Joji Locatelli
March 20, 2019
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
28 stitches
in st st
Arnall-Culliford Knitwear Something to Knit With 4Ply
2454 yards in stash

I’ve been lusting after this design for ages. I’m making a larger size to adjust for my tension, which is tighter.


I’ve completed the back to the armholes and picked up the stitches for both fronts. Unfortunately, I need to put it aside for a bit while I do some work knitting. Hopefully not for too long though. :)


This is now my mindless non-work project of choice. I picked it back up today and worked all of the front shoulder and neck shaping so now it’s straight on until I join for the body. If I do say so myself, I love knitting with our yarn. It’s everything I hoped it would be. slightly_smiling_face


My plan to have a day per week of knitting for me is working really well and I’m now on my way down the body. Not sure if I’m on track to finish by EYF, but I’m enjoying the process, which is actually the most important thing.


I’ve been working on this a lot, and I’ve just separated for the pockets, which feels like a great milestone.


I’m knitting the pockets and attaching them as I go. I’m working together the last stitch in each row with the strand that runs along the back of the slipped stitch column. That slipped stitch strand happens on alternate rows, which is perfect as I’m joining alternately at each end of the row.

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In progress
May 17 2018
work in progress
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by Arnall-Culliford Knitwear
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