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Garter Stitch Baby Jacket
June 2 2012
June 6 2012
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Garter Stitch Baby Jacket
Fifalde's Baby Jacket in Garter Stitch by Fifalde
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
451 yards = 2.05 skeins
Cascade Yarns® 220 Superwash®
77 yards in stash
1.65 skeins = 363.0 yards (331.9 meters), 165 grams
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March 10, 2012
Cascade Yarns® 220 Superwash®
44 yards in stash
0.4 skeins = 88.0 yards (80.5 meters), 40 grams
Knits and Knacks
March 10, 2012

At first I worried whether I would be able to follow this somewhat “pithy” set of directions. But I just trusted and they did not fail. The color chart is really great! Needlenit’s project notes were very helpful and included these, that I used:

1) When you pick up the stitches for the center buttonhole border, pick up the stitches in the main color and knit one ridge. It makes a nice transition.

2) When you pick up the stitches for the center buttonhole border,place two stitch markers to mark off the center 18 stitches. That way you’ll know where to position the increases the pattern calls for.

3) Place your buttonholes on the 16th row.

I also picked up stitches and knit 1 ridge in the main color before switching to the contrast color on the sleeve borders.

This is the buttonhole row I used: knit 3, YO, knit 2 together, knit 6, YO, knit 2 together. I made 4 buttonholes. (Actually at first I made 5 and then realized the top one was too close to the collar.)

When you cut the yarn for a new section, leave a nice long piece. When I went to join the sections for a long garter stitch row, I found I had one section not ready to properly receive a knit stitch. (I assume I counted the rows wrong). Having the extra yarn attached, I just knitted another row on that section and didn’t need to join the yarn again. I also left a good section dangling so I could sew up the sleeves (the only seams) without joining new yarn in.

I didn’t understand what sort of special EZ bindoff was being called for on the sleeves. I just bound off in the standard easy way and it came out fine. I used Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff for the bottom bind off, as the designer suggests. I think it’s a tad too decorative. On the sleeve and buttonhole bindoffs, I just bound off with a needle one size larger.

Made in this light worsted weight. I’m guessing this is about a 12 month size.

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June 2 2012
June 6 2012
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