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"Fireworks over the boardwalk" Boardwalk Sweater (test knit)
April 13 2017
May 26 2017
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"Fireworks over the boardwalk" Boardwalk Sweater (test knit)
Boardwalk by Dallas Ann Prentice
1X (46")
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
24 stitches = 4 inches
1,550 yards
Knit Picks WeCrochet Preciosa Tonal Fingering
2.5 skeins = 1092.5 yards (999.0 meters), 250 grams
Knit Picks WeCrochet Stroll Gradient
1 skein = 458.0 yards (418.8 meters), 100 grams

Gauge is on before blocking, 24 st to 4” on size 4 needles. It holds after blocking as well, which means I’m ready to go, following the pattern.


I had a bit of a hard time getting started, the first couple of times casting on only to find an inch or two later I had joined with a twist and knitted a moebus strip. I think the provisional cast on (loose by nature, and two yarns to twist) combined with the large number of stitches just made my work particularly twisty. My workaround is to purl a single row, then knit back before joining--1 extra row of stitches stabilizes it and gives me “work” to pull down from the needles and see where my “top” is, to make joining easier. Third try is a charm!


One small change: I did not work the fourth (non-increasing) row of YOs, because of where the piece falls in length, on my body. I don’t think a row of eyelets directly over the fullest part of my breasts would be flattering.

I’ve divided for arms, and so far all is pretty good.


Skein 1 is done just under the arms. I tried it on, and it looks super cute. All is well so far!


Small change #2: I’m knitting both rows 10 and 11 of the tufted lace pattern in the contrast color, because of this hand painted yarn--I want to give it a chance to show up a little stronger against the black, and for the variegation to peek through.

The first repeat of the tufted lace is black-on-black, and still it’s super pretty. I really like knitting this pattern--it’s a lot of smooth cruising in stockinette, interrupted by just enough variety to keep it moving along. It’s a pattern with good rhythm, for an easily-bored knitter like me.


i’ve gone back to finish the neck--done the optional short rows at the back of the neck.


Neckline done! It fits well, and looks good. Sizing is good, the ribbing and stockinette make a nice neckline…now I get to roll more through this fun tufted lace for a while. (New photos added)


So…it’s going to be long enough to start the split hem after my next lace repeat. But it’ll be the row with fewer repetitions, rather than more. So to follow the pattern I can make it either a little short, or a little long. I’m going with longer. I made it a loose fit overall, and this will make it like a tunic top. I’ll wear it with skinny jeans, or a long boho skirt. It can be as long as it gets. I’m not quite ready to be done, anyway.


Here is a mistake that is possible to make (don’t ask me how I know!): on the row where you knit together all the loops to make the tufts, you might accidentally catch the 8th stitch into your knit-together-through-back-loops. That first normal stitch has a way of sitting in there, trying to get caught up in the tuft. If you do this enough times, your lace will be just slightly wonky, and your front panel will drift slowly toward the left side seam.

Don’t do that. :)

It’s okay, mine is pretty minimal--it looks like I’ve lost 4 stitches over 9 repeats, it just took me longer that it should have, for me to figure out what was going on.


I bought 4 skeins of the stroll, but I’m only using about 2.5.

This pattern is really neat--it’s not particularly difficult, but it carries a variety of things that are new to me (starting at the yoke and working down, but adding the neckline later, for example--and the tufted pattern, and the split hem.) Just enough to keep my attention.


Knitting done…washed and blocking, to be photographed soon!

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April 13 2017
May 26 2017
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