March 17, 2019
May 11, 2019


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Purple Fleece
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm

Adding beads, prestrung, one every fourth stitch

Yarn is leftover lace weight, so making it a narrow long scarf instead of a shawl. Cast on 31.

Getting near the end of the yarn, but not the end of the scarf… So I might rip it out and redo it even more narrowly. Because I really love how the beads are working with the yarn, and the pattern is so fun!

Also, going to run out of beads on the string before I run out of yarn, but I can add more at the other end if need be. Or, if I start again, add a whole lot more beads. I have plenty, thankfully.

So. As I suspected, I ran out of yarn before the scarf reached full length.

I ripped it out, strung lots more beads on the yarn and started again. I think I will make a keyhole opening in one end of the scarf. Because of this, I want the end to be fancier. So for the cast on, I cast on three using backward loop cast on, pulled up seven beads, cast on three more, repeated until I had 5 beaded sections with three stitches at either end.

Working the end threes in garter and the middle in stockinette, i did one row with seven beads brought up every three rows, then two rows with 6 beads, two rows with 5 beads, one with 4, one with three. At this point I followed the pattern directions for the increase row, being sure the bring one bead up every yarn over.

For the rest of the scarf I will bring up a bead every fourth stitch.

My plan is that at the top edge I will knit a slit before the bind off. I will let you know how when I get there. wink


It got longer than I expected, so no slit. Did the same bead treatment at the end that I did at the start.

No to do the magic dropping!

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March 17, 2019
May 11, 2019
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