Silk Hankies
frabjous fibers & Wonderland Yarns
28 grams
(0.99 ounces)
US 0 - 50 or 2 - 25mm
2mm - 25mm
100% Silk

Silk Hankies, or matawa silk squares, are individual silk cocoons that have been opened and spread onto a square frame. This bundle contains layers and layers of light-as-air cocoons that can be divided into very thin sheets.

For knitters: Hankies can be knit without being spun!! Search online for free videos and tutorials.

For spinners: The easiest way to spin hankies is to do all your predrafting before spinning. Separate the hankies into workable layers and stretch a hole in the center. Continue stretching evenly until you have made a large loop in the thickness you desire. Break open the loop. Repeat for all your hankies. Spin!

For felters: Hankies add fabulous sheen and texture to wet-felted items. Lay divided layers on top of wool before felting.