Zwartbles 4ply from John Arbon Textiles
Zwartbles 4ply
John Arbon Textiles
Fingering (14 wpi) ?
437 yards
(400 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
28.0 sts
= 4 inches
100% Wool - Zwartbles
  • Care:
  • Dry Flat, Hand Wash Cold
  • Dye:
  • Undyed
  • Ply:
  • 2-ply
  • Put up:
  • Winding required

The Zwartbles sheep originates from Holland but is now widely farmed across Exmoor and the fibre, once shorn, is graded at our local British Wool grading station. It is naturally dark brown and John has created a tonal range by adding another local white sheep breed, the Exmoor Blueface, as a blend. Once spun the Zwartbles produces a beautiful, voluminous, bouncy yarn.

100% Zwartbles (dark)
60% Zwartbles / 40% Exmoor Blueface (Mid)
30% Zwartbles / 70% Exmoor Blueface (Light)

Yarn Specifications:
4ply / fingering (100g skein)
400 meters per 100 grams (2/8nm)
hand wash at low temperature with mild detergent