Fig Lace
Once Upon A Corgi Handmade
Lace ?
460 yards
(421 meters)
50 grams
(1.76 ounces)
70% Goat - Mohair
30% Silk
Plied, Fuzzy
  • Care:
  • Hand Wash Cold
  • Construction:
  • Halo
  • Dye:
  • Hand dyed
  • Put up:
  • Winding required
  • Dyed: United States

Can we talk about a halo? Did we mention someone has milled the essence of fluff into a yarn? This lace weight blend of mohair and silk will add the warmth and halo as a stand alone strand in any shawls, cowls or sweaters and create an extra depth of texture and color to any project you can imagine while holding this strand double with any other weight of yarn.