Workshop Ziggurats

bold = a good beginner Ziggurat
The most straightforward design is the Stjerneskud cardigan –also, because it is open front, fit is not as crucial as for a pullover.

(C) = cardigans
If you are new to Ziggurats, it may be a good idea to start with a pullover – except the cardigans without a buttonband (bold)

italics = for the eager (aka impatient) knitter: choose a DK, Aran, or short-sleeved design

Aranaranja, Bajads (C), Bambasala (C), Black Basalt (C), Blue Basalt (C), Cajsa (C), Chatoyant, Coucou, Dainty Faery, Dusala (C), Filijokus, Fubarite, Jadeite, ma non troppo, Mayhem Cardigan DK(C – open front), Mayhem Lace cardigan (C – open front), Mayhem Linum (C – open front), Messing About in Boats, Rabalder, Red Basalt (C), Repartee, Sammelsurium, Simple, Simple Aran, Simple Summer Ziggurat, Stjerneskud (C – open front, Stjerneskud kiddos (C – open front), Stripes Ahoy!, Strrripes, Sweatrrr