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Designs featuring Fyberspates Faery Wings and dibadu Curly Silk

DyeforYarn MoFluff is an excellent substitute

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My small but growing COWL collection.
Everyone needs a cowl.
Or two.

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Buy all 4 Caesuras together for €15 (+VAT).
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Caesura is the sleeveless incarnation of a Ziggurat.

As with all Ziggurats, everything is knitted in one zig-zaggy sweep but here with a brief pause, a caesura – one cut and rejoining of yarn.

It’s a bit of a quirky construction.
But it works!

Find inspiration here for cooler/lighter versions of Åsa Tricosa designs – these knitters have found ways to lighten up with cotton, linen, bamboo, rayon, silk…
Join the Åsa Tricosa Summer KAL to knit your own!

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