Anna Dunkelbunt

Anna Dunkelbunt

Hey, my name is Anna! I am an Austrian currently living in Switzerland.

Somehow I became a designer over night. I published my design “Sunray Shawl” originally for some friends who encouraged me to do so. Who could know that so many people would go crazy for it?
I am very happy to see that other people like what I’m doing and this encourages me to go on and write down more while I’m knitting.
Hope there will be more designs from me in the future! Thank you all for your encouragement and sweet comments ♥

You can find me here:
dunkelgrun Podcast on YouTube

Please understand that I am not an experienced knitting pattern writer yet.
I am still learning :)

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.
If you find mistakes in a pattern, or if something is unclear, please contact me!

original designs

Unini the Magic Unicorn
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Andaljus Socks
dunkelgrün designs
Sunray Shawl
dunkelgrün designs
Woven Basket Hat
dunkelgrün designs