Claudia Hulshof

Claudia Hulshof

When I needed peace in my life, especially in my head, I started knitting. After a few shawls, I was ready for colourwork. I made a shawl according to a bought pattern and thought: hey, those motifs, I can also make them up myself. Pretty soon after that, I got the spirit.

Now my head is full again. This time with designs and colour combinations I like to create and write down. Once that’s done, I add information about it to my website. After that, I add a pdf of the pattern to Ravelry and Etsy, in English and Dutch. Here you can buy a copy, if you like to.

The difference with before is that this work gives me a lot of satisfaction, space and relaxation. I feel at home in it.

Why the name Knitted Nature Designs? Because nature comes first, when it comes to beauty.
And why I design modern colourwork? Because I like to create layers of colours and motifs that overlap, rather than horizontal bands of two colours, like in traditional Fair Isle colourwork.

Who I am
My name is Claudia Hulshof and I live in Ede, the Netherlands, with my partner. In the past I also worked as a personal stylist, and published a book (in Dutch) on clothing style called ‘Signalen’ (signals).

original designs

a childrens Pierrot cardigan
Claudia Hulshof's Ravelry Store
Pierrot cardigan
Vibrant yoke cardigan
Claudia Hulshof's Ravelry Store
Autumn Flowers
Claudia Hulshof's Ravelry Store