Connie Lee Lynch

Featuring projects that are designed for or are easily modified to use just one skein of yarn! Yarn weights will vary, thus affecting yardage, so be sure to check that info before you begin. If you have any questions about modifying/yarn substitutions, please feel free to reach out!

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A bundle just for cowls!

Here’s a collection of patterns for projects that can be completed in an afternoon! Great for last minute gifts or when you just need an instant gratification sort of project.

And when I say in an afternoon, I mean I can do any one of these in less than five hours - and I’m not really a speedy crocheter!

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All my free patterns here on Ravelry gathered together for easy browsing, many of which are great for quick gifts!

A collection of all my patterns designed with yarns from the Tristan and Isolde Yarn Club from Karen Robinson (karendawn) of Round Table Yarns. SO much fun!

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A bundle for all of my scarf patterns!

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Triangles, rectangles, and more, oh my!

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Save 25% when you buy the Moroldian Skull Cowl and Moroldian Mitts patterns together using coupon code MOROLDx2!

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Save 25% when you buy the Brixel Cowl and Brixel Hat patterns together using coupon code BRIXELx2!

I often use Fibonacci numbers to plan out designs, but these patterns feature the sequence in a more obvious way! You’ll also find fractals, such as the Sierpinski Carpet, showcased here. Math is fun!