Debbie Trainor

Imagine standing at the kitchen sink and letting your mind wander to “Going Dancing” instead of cleaning up. The dresses are a useful dishcloth named for an activity that is a lot more fun than cleaning up.
Designed to hang from your dish detergent bottle, this dress adds a bit of fun to the kitchen sink area. Used in the bath tub or shower, these will work well as washcloths.
As a hostess gift, place the dress dishcloth on a bottle of shower gel, bubble bath, or dish detergent.
As a shower favor, coordinate the colors with the theme of the shower.
There are several choices of dishcloth dresses, each with a different skirt and name. So, whether you would like to be “Going Dancing”, Having “A Night on the Town”, going to “A Garden Party” or “Visiting Dublin, London, Paris, or Hawaii”, there’s a dishcloth dress that will be fun and easy to knit and start you thinking about fun activities while you knit and use these dishcloths.

Stay warm with these accessories. Simple knits with texture.

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A collection of my favorite Holiday items to knit for your home.

Spa Cloths knit with Louet Euruflax Sport Weight yarn create luxury washcloths for you and your guests.

Here are the 6 inch square patterns that I contributed to the Harmony Blanket hosted by the Underground Crafter.