Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz

Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz

Hello and thank you for stopping by!

I love to crochet and knit and I hope to pass on that passion and inspire both veteran and new crafters a like to pick up their yarn and get lost in the stitches.

You can find my crochet designs here on Ravelry and published in Crochet! Magazine, Crochet World, Cascade Yarns Website, Crochet Today!, Crochet Now, Love Crochet, Simply Crochet, Inside Crochet, Happily Hooked Magazine.

You can find my knitting designs here on Ravelry and published in Knit Now and Knitting Magazine.

I’m most active on Instagram, so feel free to stop by and say hi there :)

Happy crocheting and knitting everyone!

original designs  

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Victoria Falls Wrap
The Crochetist, Vol. II
Cabled Wrap
Simply Crochet, Issue 103
Lacy Wrap
Simply Crochet, Issue 103
Triana Shawl
Yarra Valley Cowl
Interweave Crochet, Fall 2020
Sunny Scarf
Simply Crochet, Issue 100
The Maze
Simply Crochet, Issue 100, 100 Granny Squares & Motifs Supplement
Shell Shawl
Simply Crochet, Issue 99
Pineapple Delight Cowl
Crochet! Magazine, Autumn 2020
Teide Bag
Pattern Pack Pro | 69 | June 2020 | Market Bags
Bonita Mandala
Happily Hooked Magazine, Issue #75, June 2020
Lacy Shawl
Simply Crochet, Issue 97
Granny Square Bookmark
Simply Crochet, Issue 95
Blue Hawaii Pineapple Scarf
Crochet! Magazine, Summer 2020
Hooded Scarf
Simply Crochet, Issue 95
Easy Peasy Tunisian Shawlette
Your Crochet & Knitting, Issue 16
Heart Hat
Inside Crochet, Issue 122, 2020
Hibernation Cushion
Inside Crochet, Issue 122, 2020
Valentine Scarf
Simply Crochet, Issue 93
Shimmer Shawl
Happily Hooked Magazine, Issue #70, January 2020
Hygge Cowl
Inside Crochet, Issue 120, 2019
Handwarmers & Cowl Set
Simply Crochet, Issue 91
North Star Table Runner
Inside Crochet, Issue 119, 2019
Gatsby Glitz Shawl
Crochet Now, Issue 48
Reindeer Hat
Simply Crochet, Issue 90
Shellisimo Mobius Cowl
Simply Crochet, Issue 90
Fuego Cowl
Happily Hooked Magazine, Issue #67, October 2019
Naughty or Nice Shawl
Crochet Now, Issue 47
Cote D'Azur Shawl
Crochet Now, Issue 45
Winter Wonderland Poncho
Crochet Now, Issue 46
impressionists Top
Inside Crochet, Issue 117, 2019
Square Shopper Bag
Simply Crochet, Issue 87
Alhambra Wrap
Inside Crochet, Issue 116, 2019
Retiro cowl
Knitting Magazine 195, July 2019
Refreshing Roses Wrap
Crochet Now, Issue 43
Burano Scarf
Your Crochet & Knitting, Issue 9
bouquet shawl
Inside Crochet, Issue 114, 2019
Merida Shawl
Crochet Now, Issue 42
Campanilla Shawl
Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz Designs
Candy Dreams Stole
Inside Crochet, Issue 113, 2019
Ellery Scarf
Crochet Now, Issue 41
Garden Flower Set
Crochet Now, Issue 40
Paris Wrap
Crochet Now, Issue 40
Foxglove Scarf
Crochet Now, Issue 40
Midnight with Mimosas Top
Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz Designs
Printemps Cowl & Mitts
Your Crochet & Knitting, Issue 7
Spring Cleaning Shawl
Crochet Now, Issue 39
Cocoon Baby Blanket
Inside Crochet, Issue 111, 2019
Casablanca Shawl
Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz Designs
Sunrise Shawl
Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz Designs
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