Fabel Knitwear

The Magical places collection consists of four patterns inspired by the macigal places of the wizarding world, emphasised with hints of theatrics, mystic and whimsy.

It’s time for a steaming mug of pumpkin juice!

The Hallows Collection consists of four knittingpatterns inspired by four of the wizarding worlds accomplished witches.

Accio knittingneedles!

The Yuletide Collection consists of four timeless, festive knittingpatterns.
Inspired by the cold and cozy Norwegian winter, with the textures of a snowcovered landscape, wooden Nutcracker decorations and rosy cheeks from the cold.
Did anyone say hot chocolate?

The Artemis Collection is named after the mythological Goddess of the Hunt, and consists of five knittingpatterns inspired by the magical nature of midsummer.

The Demoiselle Collection consists of three elegant, feminine knittingpatterns inspired by summers in the rustic french countryside.
The three patterns are designed so they can be worn layered all together, as well as look great on their own.

The Summer Tales Collection consists of three summery and romantic knittingpatterns inspired by the fantastical adventures we delve into during summer, weither in real life or throuh fiction, fairytales and daydreaming.

The Heroine Collection consists of three patterns inspired by and named after three strong fictional female characters from by favorite fantasy-sagas.

Adventure, anyone?

The Starlet Collection consists of three knittingpatterns inspired by the Golden Era of 1930s Hollywood starlets.