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Fiona Bennett

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About the monsters…
I have a huge weakness for multicoloured yarn, and started designing sock patterns to try to showcase it. Hopefully without creating a “monster”!
But one person’s “monster” is another’s “beautiful rare creature”, of course! So that’s why my patterns are dedicated, slightly tongue-in-cheek, to famous “misunderstood” monsters.

Some guidance on yarn choice:

  • For yarn with a short colour repeat (a yarn that changes colour very often in the same round) try Scylla. Scylla also works well with yarn that has strong contrasting colours and light/dark. Basically, Scylla was invented for that crazy multicoloured sock yarn you couldn’t pass up but just don’t know what to do with!
  • For yarn with a longer colour repeat, try Jabbersocky, or Ogopogo. Or even Charybdis, for which striping yarns also work nicely.
  • In a semi-solid yarn the stitch patterns won’t have quite as much impact, but I’d suggest Jabbersocky or Ogopogo.
  • I wouldn’t recommend a solid coloured yarn for any of the patterns, because the stitch patterns won’t really show up.

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Glass of Fashion
Glass of Fashion
Glass of Fashion
Glass of Fashion