Fiona Oliver
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There is nothing worse than a draught of cold air slipping down your neck. Never fear, this collection of scarves, cowls, neck warmers, wraps and shawls will soon have you snuggly and warm again.

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Everyone likes to keep their head warm when the temperature starts to fall. These capitalKNITS beanie designs will help chase away Winter chills.

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Many of my designs are suitable for using a Magic Ball as either the main or the contrast colour. All the patterns included in this bundle come with a FREE copy of Magic Ball Musings, my 18-page “how to” guide for crafting a beautiful Magic Ball to use in your project.


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Once you have worn hand knitted socks, you will never want to wear store bought ones again. Whether you want to make a vibrant statement, or just want a plain vanilla(-ish) pair of socks, your toes will always be twinkling :-).

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It’s hard to knit or crochet when your fingers are cold. Thankfully help is at hand because you can solve this problem by making your own lovely gloves, mittens or fingerless mittens. Why not start with one of these lovely designs?