Francoise Danoy

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This Fibre Muse uses knitting as a form of self-care—getting away from the noise of the world, and using that “me” time to soothe, quieten, heal, reflect and ponder. Knitting is a form of ritual for them: it creates a pause in the busyness of their life, an intentional moment to sit down (even if it’s in front of Netflix with a glass of wine in hand!) and enter a new world where it’s just them, their thoughts, and their knitting. If they get pulled out of it before they’re ready, they’re known to get a little grumpy. In a world where they do not have a lot of control, or quiet time to themselves, knitting provides that small sanctuary where they can step back from the noise and the rush, and enjoy being in the moment. As they work each stitch, another worry, pain, and stress is lifted; and a story is woven in. Those special moments are often where they spend a lot of time reflecting and pondering about the world around them, and what’s going on inside them, while epiphanies and breakthroughs arise.

This primary sense of searching for a paradise, to escape and meditate, is what makes the Mystic unique from their sibling Muses, the Seeker and the Dreamer. While all Fibre Muses share aspects of each type, this drive for creating a simpler, peaceful and enlightened life through knitting most strongly resonates in the Mystic.

Stitch types: repetitive or meditative stitch patterns work best with this Fibre Muse.
Simple lace, texture or even colorwork.

Recommended colors and yarns: cool color palette (blue, green, purples). All types of color ways (solid, semi-solid, variegated, etc.) work with this Fibre Muse but the focus is creating a relaxing, meditative knitting experience.

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The Seeker Fiber Muse seeks a deeper relationship with their craft: learning about the story behind the design, its origins, its history, its significance. They’re very eco-friendly, and loves the fresh air of nature, so the slow, sustainable manner of knitting has always been right at home with them. They understand that knitting is an ancient craft, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Dabbling in the “old ways,” or the DIY culture, adds a sense of purpose and meaningful connectedness to this world—past, present, and future. It’s almost a sacred duty to preserve this craft, and all cultural customs and stories associated with it. They love learning about other cultures, and how they have contributed to fiber arts. It gives them a special sense of connectedness to know the roots of a yarn, a design, or a pattern. It makes them happy to support indie artists who value sustainability, their roots, their culture, and the preservation of that culture. Indie brands have a special feel, which makes them feel special.

This primary sense of yearning of wanting to explore the world is what makes them unique to the other Fibre Muses. While all the Fibre Muses share aspects of each type, this drive to connect and explore the world through knitting most strongly resonates in the Seeker.

Stitch types: the Seeker is all about a challenge, so complex lace, cables, brioche, colorwork work well. The focus is on the stitches, rather than the yarn.

Recommended colors: natural colors in solid and semi-solid colorways to let the stitch pattern shine. Yarn bases usually avoid plastics like superwash.

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The Giver Fibre Muse uses knitting to make a difference in other people’s lives. They are very compassionate, kind and understanding. They will prepare months in advance knitting up projects for their friends and family to give as gifts, because they understand the joy and thrill of receiving a hand-made piece. Even if they aren’t always properly thanked (because non-knitters don’t get the amount of time, effort and skill that goes into their gift!), knowing that they left a special mark in someone’s life, lightning up their day, makes them happy and gives them a sense of purpose. In a world where there is not enough empathy, knitting is a way to help heal and serve others. During the holidays or any special event, they get way more excited watching others open gifts from them than they do receiving presents. A charitable soul, they believe in the importance of giving back to her community in anyway they can: through support businesses that share the same values, volunteering or supporting charity causes, or even just being a friend in need, a shoulder to cry on. But don’t think that the Giver is a pushover. If there is an issue they care deeply about, they’ll be the first ones to take action, speaking up and declaring their trust, protecting those who need protection. Some Givers may even use their craft as a form of activism, the driving force to make positive, powerful change.

This primary sense of giving to others, to improve other people’s lives is what makes the Giver unique from their sibling Muses, the Seeker, Dreamer and Mystic. While all Fibre Muses share aspects of each type, this drive to give and serve most strongly resonates in the Giver.

Stitch types: any stitch type works for a Giver pattern. The focus is on a quick knit that makes the recipient feel loved and appreciated.

Recommended colors and yarns: whites, blacks and greys. Thicker yarns are the go-to!

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The Dreamer Fibre Muse uses knitting to express themselves. They feel limited by the options presented by commercial manufacturers, and is not a fan of fast-fashion. So, by knitting, they can not only choose the color of the project, but also the texture, and the stitch types. They love engaging and meditative projects, where the finished result looks much more complicated than it is, in actuality. They are able to choose a project that is more “them”, not just in the selection process, but in the fact that they had a hand in the transformation, is immensely satisfying. They made it unique and special to them, as well as to the world. Their time, effort, mistakes, and story (blood, sweat and tears) are what makes the project one-of-a- kind, not just the yarn choice. The story that they associate with it—their reflections, meditations and experiences—is what inspires them. Being able to fill their world with color and texture, when it is often grey and dull, and finding the time to create something beautiful truly fills their soul with delight and happiness.

This primary sense of self-expression, to make a bold statement to those around them of, “This is who I am!”, and diving deep into the world of color, texture and fiber is what makes them unique from their sibling Muses, the Seeker and the Mystic. While all the Fibre Muses share aspects of each type, this drive for self-expression and telling stories through their knitting most strongly resonates in the Dreamer.

Stitch types: Dreamer patterns focus heavily on the color and yarn of the design, rather than the stitch type. So simple stitches work best.

Recommended colors and yarns: all colors, all colorways! The focus for this type of design is making variegated yarns shine! Also playing with eccentric and novel yarns is a perfect opportunity here.