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These mitts are new for 2019 and come in a collection of three. Feel the real energy of the season as you go about your daily chores out and about in the chilly weather.
Choose two or more of these patterns to purchase together and receive a 15% discount (valid before January 31st 2020)

There will always be gifts that you might want avaable for last minute guests.
And of course there’s the present that has appeared in the post in time yet!
These are great for saving on your budget as they’ll likely need very little yarn too.
Watch this YouTube video of mine for extra tips.

Removing gloves constantly to find your keys, pay for a coffee or scroll on your iPhone means that you might be going through a couple of pairs every winter thanks to ‘odd sock syndrome’ spreading to your knits!
Fingerless mitts are the answer, make them up in multiple colours and styles to suit every outfit from September to March.
These 6 patterns are all set to make your life easier… you can have multiple styles in multiple colours to match all your other knitwear collections. (I know your secret stash of scarves is hidden in the back of your wardrobe!) Find your stash yarn, get armed with needles, Netflix and a latté and you’ll be all set!

Sometimes you need a cowl or scarf that is so voluptuous that you feel like you’re swimming in merino wool or cashmere…

This collection is for those days when you want a simple, plain, extra cosy layer that can easily be folded into your tote or laptop bag.

Choose from the beanie or beret, simple cowl or scarf. (Or like me, knit one, or more, of each!)
Everyone needs something like this, it’s a simple ‘slip it on and not have to fuss’ cosy!

A set of videos to knit through this Stripes collection is available to buy in the Knit With Hannah Weekend Workshops, https://Knitwithhannah.co.uk/weekend-workshops

Beginning to Knit is amazing! You’re joining centuries of tradition and learning from knitters with decades of experience.
You need some patterns to settle you into the routine of choosing yarn, finding needles and following instructions… that’s exactly what you’l find here. There’s a feast of easy knits in this bundle, so take your pick and start those needles flying. (hold on tight!)

Cabling needn’t be difficult, in fact it’s a technique that once learned is easy to replicate and enjoy while watching you favourite show on Netflix! (TV knitting is always a bonus!)

While there are many ways you can go after mastering knit and purl stitches, cabling is a perfect next step. It’s letting you practice more about switching between knit and purl along the same row- you also will begin to automatically recognise which comes next and not have to rip back so much!

It’s also only adding a couple more abbreviations, and you’ll come across them time and again, pattern after pattern, so you’ll not forget them.

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Baby knits are needed all year round and with classic shapes and styles these can be re-knitted month after month. Choose up-to-date and on-season yarn colours to give a fresh individual look every time.

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The Knit With Hannah pattern duets contain pairs of patterns within a niche.
I teach knitting and understand that knitting skills need to be taught and practiced within niches so they can become easier and more automatic.

You can guarantee that when I give these a title and focus on a skillset and knowledge level you will not be asked to reach any further than the Meets Expectations grade in your knitting exams at Hogwarts!

Knitting for the home ia a lovely way to see your creativity being used by all the family. Take your pick of the items here and dot the finished items all around the house!

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Knitting in two colours is great fun, be they in stripes, zig-zags, snowflake or brims. Adding a contrast embellishment can make such a difference too.
Pick your favourite pair of shades and have a ball!

We all love a knit for the weekend, and even better if it will keep us warm for the cold winter months.
Hats are no exception.
So many are also one skein knits and will mix and match with other accessories.

Knitting a scarf is a brilliant way to ease into longer and larger projects. You’ll be knitting through 3 or 4 balls of yarn, a perfect half-way-house between hats and jumpers.
Select your favourite from the collection today and have fun!