Heather Kumpf
27 items

Knit Patterns

54 items

Crochet Patterns

A Horse for Every Season Collection plus others.

5 items

Oceanic Mermaids & Mermaid Friends/Sisters set.

11 items

Knit Dolls

Patterns made with blanket yarn.

9 items

Knit Animals

Sweet, snuggable toys with hearts on their bellies.
Constructed mainly in the round.

Small, Quick & Cute. Little charms to go on keychains or backpacks/bookbags.

6 items

Gnomes ~ Both Knit & Crochet

8 items

A collection of patterns that use fur yarn or a technique to make regular yarn fluffy.

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A little bit spooky, a whole lotta cute!

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Enjoy a bit of the macabre? These may be patterns you’ll want to add to your collection.