Heather Noble
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Heather Noble Designs-Alphabet Fonts

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I’ve created a Fall collection around a maple leaf design. There is a free potholder project with video tutorial if you are new to mosaic crochet and/or angled stitches. Play with color and choose a project size that works for you! Potholder to blanket and everything in between! Enjoy! ☺

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Heather Noble Designs-Christmas Set 2021

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Here are all my bag designs!

Heather Noble Designs-Dog Breed Series

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Heather Noble Designs-Baby Blankets

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This bundle features all my designs that have a “love” theme: weddings, Valentines, love of a parent/grandparent, love of a child♥

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Hi there!
These are my Level 1 designs to date!

I have mosaic overlay crochet designs in 3 skill levels:
Level 1-Easy: uses the 2 traditional mosaic overlay stitches: SCBLO and DCFLO
Level 2-Intermediate: incorporates a variety of angle stitches
Level 3-Advanced: incorporates angles and color changes

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A CAL (Crochet Along) is an event spread over multiple weeks where a pattern is released in stages. It is designed to be a fun and interactive way to build connection and community. All the information leading up to this event will be shared in my FB Group. Please join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/heathernobledesigns