Hunter Hammersen
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Why Tiny Nonsense

So look, I really can’t manage to be sensible and reasonable and practical and normal all the time. I’ve tried! No really, I’ve tried hard. I’ve tried so hard I hurt myself. It doesn’t work. I can’t do it. Not all the time. But here’s the thing…

If I stop trying so damn hard to be normal all the time, I have way more fun. And if I’m having more fun, just sort of in general, I’m ever so more able to pretend to be a proper grown up when I absolutely need to. So, in a delightfully roundabout sort of way these absurd little bits of tiny nonsense, which are a tremendous amount of fun and which make me so very happy, leave me much better able to deal with the world.

And judging by what I hear, more than a few of you feel the same.

So if today is not the day to be sensible and reasonable and practical, maybe it’s the day to do something fun. And maybe, if you spend a bit of time doing something fun, you’ll be better able to do all that other stuff tomorrow!