Knit Equals Joy Designs

Knit Equals Joy Designs


About me:
I make my home in the beautiful state of Oregon, along with my husband Cliff. The Oregon Coast makes my heart sing, and I go there whenever I have a chance. Besides knitting, I love photography and writing.

About my designs:
I love to create designs that are fun to make - not too hard, but interesting enough to be engaging.

I like to include something a little different in each of my designs, whether it’s an unusual combination of stitches or a new way to look at color.

I am passionate about color and love to scheme about the perfect color combinations.

All of my patterns are tech edited and test-knitted (except I Heart Oregon).

Check out my Facebook group, Knit Equals Joy. It is a fun, friendly and supportive group for all that is good in our knitterly lives.

original designs

PepperMitts (out of print)
Knit Equals Joy Website
Belle's Spa Cloth (out of print)
Knit Equals Joy Website
Silver and Gold
Knit Equals Joy Website