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About Kristen:
Kristen TenDyke is a knit and crochet designer who lives in Maine. She’s a work-at-home mom who designs classic sweaters with unique construction. She specializes in seamless knitting and always keeps Mother Nature in mind when making yarn choices. Kristen strives to provide you with patterns that are easy to follow, enjoyable and engaging to make!

Her designs have been published by many magazines and yarn companies, including: Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple, Knit Now, Creative Knitting, I Like Knitting, I Like Crochet, Cast On Magazine, Rowan, Quince & Co., Knit Picks, O-Wool, Malabrigo, Ancient Arts Fibers, Blue Sky Alpacas and more!

Her books, Finish-Free Knits and No-Sew Knits, are available from Interweave Press. Her self-published Knitting Maine book and e-book are available from Caterpillar Knits.

About Caterpillar Knits:
In 2010 Kristen began a growing collection of designs that are dedicated to supporting the use and production of eco-friendly yarns. Her Caterpillar Knits designs use yarns that are organic, fair trade, low carbon footprint, recycled, animal friendly or vegan yarns that use low impact, natural dyes, or no dye at all. Caterpillar Knits was established to supply pattern support for eco-friendly yarns.

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original designs

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Achiever Sweaters
Knit Picks Website
Cast On, Summer 2022
Caterpillar Knits
REBIRTH Pullover
Caterpillar Knits
Hindsight Pullover
Kristen TenDyke Designs
Prasine Sweater
Interweave Knits, Spring 2022
Quince & Co.
Maple Vest
Kristen TenDyke Designs
Stormy Top
Caterpillar Knits
Raspberry Cheesecake Capelet
Kristen TenDyke Designs
Diamonds & Pearls Vest
Salt River Mills
Pleiades Pullover
Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts
Sigyn's Bowl
Kristen TenDyke Designs
Monika Cropped Cardigan
I Like Crochet, October 2021
Autumn Field Socks
Kristen TenDyke Designs
Rowan Magazine 70
Germania Hoodie
Kristen TenDyke Designs
Tree Top
Autumn with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 7
Jhana Pullover
Caterpillar Knits
Summer Cardigan
Simply Crochet, Issue 112
Tsavorite Cardigan
Willow Yarns Website
Casco Cap
Kristen TenDyke Designs
Cascading Yoke
Cast On, Summer 2021
Filet Tank Top
Simply Crochet, Issue 109
Biscotte Yarns
Deledda Tee
Spring 2021 Make-It-Now Collection || Fairmount Fibers
Lacy Socks
Simply Crochet, Issue 108
Bouclé Jumper
Simply Crochet, Issue 108
Rowan Magazine 69
Kaya Vest
Caterpillar Knits
Centaury Cardigan
Caterpillar Knits
Phowa Hat
Caterpillar Knits
Lascaux Fine 2021 Collection
Cast On, Spring 2021
Young Hearts Yoke
Caterpillar Knits
Phowa Legwarmers
Caterpillar Knits
Gannet Hoodie
Knit Picks Website
Hidden Hearts Fair Isle Sweater
I Like Knitting, February 2021
Telar Cardigan
Willow Yarns Website
Samol Pullover
Knit Now, issue 123, December 2020
Hibernating Hat
Caterpillar Knits
Petal Socks
Kristen TenDyke Designs
Arctic Pullover
Interweave Crochet, Winter 2021
Ely Cathedral Pullover
The Crochetist, Vol. II
ZigZag Cardigan
Kristen TenDyke Designs
WEBS: America's Yarn Store
WEBS: America's Yarn Store
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