Lisa Hannes
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These patterns are created by using the mosaic technique. A fabulous colourwork technique that uses slipped stitches and only one colour per row.
Easy & fun to knit, but with an eyecatching effect!

The patterns in this bundle are worked as sideways-knit triangles (started at one tip and then worked across to the opposite edge).
Some are asymmetrical, some have a shape with a centred bottom tip.
They’re fun to knit an easy to wear!

These designs feature beautiful motifs created with cables or twisted stitches.

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These patterns all use multiple colours in one project. They use different techniques (mosaic knitting, slipped stitches, lace, colour blocking, etc.) to create eyecatching items that are fun & engaging to knit!

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Sweaters, tops, etc.

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long “rectangular” wraps, some worked straight, some on the bias, some have pointy tips… all are warm & cozy :)

The patterns featured in this bundle are all worked in one colour only.
There are different shapes and sizes, all fun to knit items that will add a classic item to your daily wardrobe that you’ll love to wear!

These patterns call for worsted to aran weight yarn. Nice and cosy to keep you warm in the colder season.
Most of them can easily be adapted to other weights, too.

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The patterns in this bundle call for fingering weight yarn.

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These patterns call for sport weight yarn.
Most of them are easy to adjust and work just as well with fingering or dk weight.

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These patterns call for DK weight yarns.

These patterns take full advantage of the beauty of variegated hand-dyed yarns and highlight all their beautiful different colours.

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This bundle features all my patterns for crescent shaped shawls.

These patterns are taking full advantage of those cute little mini skeins and/or beautiful gradient sets.
Different techniques are used and make for super fun and addictive knitting :)

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These patterns were designed so they can be made out of just 1 skein of yarn.

They’re usually easily adjustable so you can make any size you like.

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Diese Anleitungen sind auch auf Deutsch erhältlich.

(These patterns are also available in German.)

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In this bundle you can find my little growing Almina “family”. These patterns all feature variations of the same beautiful cable-rib motif.

These designs feature variations of the same eye-catching, travelling rib motif that looks wonderful on both sides. So, there is no real “wrong side” and it can be worn with either side showing.

The mesmerizing branch motifs do not require working cables but are achieved with simple increases/decreases.