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So, I have this project with some of my former students from Cartagena… We miss crocheting together so bad that we’ve decided to crochet a blanket “virtually together”, despite of living in different countries. How? I’ll be posting my squares here, every 2 or 3 weeks (with step by step tutorials, in case you don’t know how to make them) and later we’ll share the process and pictures of our works. Sounds good to you? To me it sounds great! Do you want to join us? I’ll be very pleased. If you want to join us you just have to follow my tutorials on my blog and do all your homework! I’ll announce them on my Facebook fanpage too.

You will need:

A 3,5 mm crochet hook (E/4) -Proper yarn in the following colours: Turquoise, blue, yellow, neon pink, salmon, light grey, dark grey, white, black, red, dark brown. These are the colours I’m using. You can use the same or create your own combination. (According to the squares and designs I’ve chosen, I recommend you to include at least black and white, two pastel colours, two neutral colours such as grey, and two or more dark and acid or neon colours. Looking for contrast!)
About the blanket:
The squares masures are 14cm x 14 cm approx. (It may change depending on your gauge)
You’ll need 60 squares to complete your crochet blanket.
The approx. measurement of the finished blanket will be 84cm x 140cm (since your squares are 14cm).
There’re 13 different designs of granny squares. You’ll have to crochet 4 or 6 squares of each design, I’ll indicate you the correct amount everytime.
I’ll post a new tutorial every 15 or 20 days, depending of the amount of homework of the previous week.
The estimated date to finish the blanket is at the beginning of September 2015, just to be used in autumn!! Then we’ll see how to block and join the squares.

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