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Colour pooling can be planned to make stunning stacked columns of colour that create a watercolour effect to your knitting.

The DaVinci patterns are based on a system of finding your “code” number to create this effect.

I have put them all together in this bundle to feature the collection that can be purchased as an ebook
or you can purchase them individually.

Single pattern purchase price of all 8 patterns equals $47 or as an ebook for $22.

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If you have previously purchased the original DaVinci Cowl pattern then you will receive $4.40 US off automatically.

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The KISS Collection is all about simple stitches with stunning results. All the patterns are beginner level (with some experience). The patterns are easy to knit, easy to follow and perfect for leisurely knitting.
They will make wonderful gifts for your knit-worthy loved ones or a nice treat for yourself.

All of the patterns can be purchased individually or they can be purchased as an ebook collection
$29 combined value for $12

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I love the look of Mosaic Knitting but to be honest it is the simplicity that drew me to it initially. I love the dramatic look that can be created with such a simple method. It’s really just slipping stitches.

Each row only works with one colour at a time so there are no challenges of managing more than one yarn at a time, plus I don’t use charts, every row is written out for you.

I have put this Ebook together to showcase all of my patterns that feature this lovely effect and hope you will feel encouraged and motivated to try one.

Here is an excellent YouTube video to give you an idea of what Mosaic Knitting is about.

$36 value for $15

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My newest series of patterns that feature the braided effect are now available as an Ebook.

$12 value for $9