Merethe Naas

Merethe Naas

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My name is Merethe and I’m the creator of NaasKnits knitwear design. After I received the diagnoses of Fibromyalgia and Sjøgrens Syndrome (autoimmune diseases), knitting & creation have become my therapy. NaasKnits designs are easy to memorize - they give body and soul a meditative peacefulness.

You know that feeling when you want to stand by your best friend and support her when she is struggling in her life? Knowing that she lives too far away to stop by? Go and check out the story behind the Bear Hug Shawl

All the patterns from NaasKnits are professionally tech edited and test knitted, for you to get the best experience and delight when knitting your projects of NaasKnits Design. Video tutorials are included where needed.

Patterns are available in both English and Norwegian. And some of them in German and Franch.

So, let’s slow down, get our coffee, and knit some beautiful things with our hands.

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original designs

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