Nin Leavitt

Nin Leavitt


Hi, I’m Nin, of NinDesigns. I’m a knitting pattern designer and technical editor.

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A little about me…

Mum taught me to knit at the ripe age of 5 years old because I kept loosing my mittens. I still remember the thrill of holding those metal miss matched in size needles and acrylic yarn. Catching on fast, I proceeded to mittens and “the good needles.” After much ruthless frogging on my Mum’s part due to my tension being “wrong,” I eventually was able to match my Mum’s machine-like tension(the “right” one, LOL) and make my own mitts. To this day, I can pick up one of her projects and knit without anyone being the wiser!

I love to sew, paint and draw. Weld, woodwork and calculus. I murder plants, but I WILL someday manage to grow a thriving garden, even if it kills me. Babies, children and animals make me smile. I ADORE collecting Spode teacups, drinking ginger green tea and telling stories. (That’s the Irish in me)

My designs are brewed from my life, flavoured with bits of inspiration gathered from nature, people, and art.

My knitting wish for you: May you feel the same joy knitting and wearing my designs as I do!

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original designs  

original designs

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