Novella Jewell Bobo-Novella Bobo Designs

Novella Jewell Bobo-Novella Bobo Designs

I have been crocheting and unofficially designing since 1983. I started writing my patterns in 2016 and I am now sharing my designs with you.

I like practical, useful items with color and texture. I’m drawn to pieces that are feminine and elegant with a dramatic flair.

Novella Bobo Designs inspires crocheters to learn stitches and techniques that frustrate them.
NBD patterns break down the barriers to implement these aspects, enabling crocheters to grow beyond their fears and reach their crochet dreams.

All of my patterns are Tech edited and Tested.

If you like my designs you are welcome to join my community where fans can join for exclusive Pattern testing calls, CAL events, Sales, Giveaways, and Celebrations. You can always send me a message if you have an idea for a pattern you would like me to add to my create list, please describe it in detail as much as you can and I will give you credit in the pattern.

original designs

Soft Waves Scarf
American Crochet Association Stash-Busting Collection
Photographed by Lex Hunter
Granny Squares Throw
American Crochet Association Granny Square Collection
This throw was fun to make!
California Dreamin Lapghan
Novella Jewell Bobo's Ravelry Store
California Dreamin Lapghan
Sand Ripples Square/Lovey
Kirsten Holloway Designs Website
Sand Ripples Square
Monogrammed Princess Bedspread
Novella Jewell Bobo's Ravelry Store
Bird's Nest Basket
Novella Bobo Designs
U.S. Terms
Monogrammed Princess Pillow
Novella Bobo Designs