I am a small fat, white, queer math student and animal lover, using far more of my time knitting than I probably should.

I love the freedom of knitting, all the colours, patterns, fibres and techniques to choose from. I spend my days dreaming of everything I want to make and figuring out how to best construct and create them, making clothing that I feel good wearing. I strongly agree with Alok Vaid-Menon that we have an anti-violence imperative to degender clothes and fashion.

I am working on extending the size range on all of my patterns, and I just want to say I am so sorry to everyone I have excluded. You are knitworthy, and please reach out if there’s anything.

I have temporarily unlisted my patterns from ravelry, they will be available once they are more size inclusive (garments to fit 28-70”/76-175 cm busts, mittens to fit baby to 12”/29 cm wide hands). I will probably use another site when the patterns are ready, but I will make sure those who already got them here get access to the updated versions.

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Bladet garn 08/2018
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