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The Lovestruck Collection is a group of twelve 9 inch afghan blocks that come with optional additional rounds to make them 12 inches. The optional rounds are interchangeable among all twelve squares giving you 144 possible combinations so you can mix and match your own perfect couple.

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The Shiny Collection consists of 2 separate eBooks and 1 bonus pattern. The first eBook contains: Serenity, Kaylee, Inara, Zoe, and River. The second eBook contains: Shepherd, Jayne, Malcolm, Hoban, and Simon. If you buy both books you get the bonus pattern, Saffron, free! Just add it to your cart with the two ebooks. (Hint: if there’s a sale going on it will override the Saffron deal, so just don’t add Saffron to your cart when you buy the books, then come back after your purchase and add it to your cart and it will be free! Msg PollyPlum if you have any problems with the deal.)

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