Rachel Atkinson

Rachel Atkinson

I specialise in bright and bold designs for the modern knitter with patterns suitable for all skill levels.

In addition to my design work I freelance as a Technical Editor currently working with a number of UK knitting magazines, specialist craft publishers and high profile independent designers. I cover both knitting and crochet so please feel free to pm me if you have something in mind and we can discuss it further.

Happy Knitting!

original designs

Lynton & Lynmouth
Rachel Atkinson
Chapman Socks
John Arbon Textiles
Daughter of a Shepherd Volume 1: Beginnings
Daughter of a Shepherd Volume 1: Beginnings
Daughter of a Shepherd Volume 1: Beginnings
Rachel Atkinson
Babicka Hat
Inside Crochet, Issue 85, 2016
Starflower Scarf
Inside Crochet, Issue 84, 2016
Carloway Cowl
Inside Crochet, Issue 83, 2016
Mousey Bonnet
Inside Crochet, Issue 82, 2016
Lizzy Bandana
Inside Crochet, Issue 80, 2016
Kerkyra Beach Bag
Inside Crochet, Issue 79, 2016
Scullis Shawl
Inside Crochet, Issue 78, 2016
Scandent Set
Inside Crochet, Issue 77, 2016
Mary Olive Baby Booties
Inside Crochet, Issue 76, 2016
Abanico Mitts
Inside Crochet, Issue 75, 2016
Torvill & Dean
Inside Crochet, Issue 74, 2016
Loop London
Textured Washcloth
Inside Crochet, Issue 62, 2015
Loop London
Hawick Cowl
Loop London
Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 11: Winter 2014
The Knit Generation
The Knit Generation
Lime & Soda
Knit Today Magazine, No. 98, May 2014
Hall of Mirrors Socks
Knit Now, Issue 28, November 2013
Festive Gift Bags
Rachel Atkinson
Autumn Bloom Mitts
Knit Now, Issue 27, October 2013
Doctor Foster
Rachel Atkinson
Sands End Cowl
Knit Now, Issue 25, August 2013
Turning Leaves
Knit Now, Issue 24, July 2013
Ruswarp Blanket
Knit Now, Issue 23, June 2013
Mosh Pit mitts
Rachel Atkinson
Beat feet
Knit Now, Issue 20, April 2013
Rachel Atkinson
Into the Groove
Rachel Atkinson
Wolseley socks
Rachel Atkinson
Kind Hearts & Coronets
Rachel Atkinson